BTS Claims They Always Compete Against Each Other For This

Their competition level was high while making “LOVE YOURSELF: Tear”.

During their recent press conference about “LOVE YOURSELF: Tear”, BTS revealed that they feel competitive against each other during each new album.


Suga revealed that the members feel competitive against each other to do better, but the competitive nature comes from their mutual desire to show an improved and better side of BTS as a group.

“We could continue to do what we’re good at and reach the same level of success with each project, but we continue to push forward to take on new challenges because of the competitive nature among [the members]. If we see a member doing a little better than us, it stirs up our competitive side to do better. It makes us want to try new styles and challenge new things.” — Suga


He believes their new album was able to do so well because their competitions against each other brought out a better BTS.

“There’s a hidden competition between us. We crave to create better music, good music. I think our greed helped us create this new album that consists of various styles. We tried to challenge new styles and show improvement – show that we can grow. I believe our fans saw that in our new album and loved us more for it.” — Suga


RM agreed with Suga, clarifying that they’ve become a better team because the members are so different.

“All seven of us not only want to be good at rapping or singing, but we each have our own goals now. I think we’re a lucky group to have so many different ideas about various details.” — RM


Jimin continued by saying that they may butt heads because of their competitive nature to do well, but it’s what allows them to be who they want to be as a group – a team that gives comfort and amazement to others.

“We’re a team that wants to comfort people and touch their hearts. We often have conflicts with each other while we try to express this. But I was happy that many people embraced that part of us through our new album.” — Jimin


The BTS members were able to come this far, and achieve everything that they’ve accomplished, because of their healthy amount of competition in the group!

Source: Asia Today