BTS’s Specially Packaged “Cold Brew By Babinski” Gives Sneak Peek At Beautiful Designs

BTS and Cold Brew By Babinski will be partnering up for beautifully designed special packages!

Popular coffee brand Cold Brew By Babinski announced that they’re launching a new specially packaged edition featuring the members of BTS.


Cold Brew By Babinski is coffee brand created by HY Fresh in collaboration with Charles Babinski, the 2015 US Barista Champion. It received critical praise for putting actual brew dates on their packaging to make sure that their customers receive the freshest coffee possible.


The new special packaging will feature the faces of BTS in Art Nouveau design. They chose this specific design to emphasize the romantic and artistic style of BTS.


Each of the bottles will have the face of all seven members, which could ultimately become a collectible for ARMYs around the world!


The popular coffee brand decided to partner up with BTS because of the group’s undeniable talent and popularity in music.

“BTS and its 7 members are beloved around the world thanks to their individual talent and performance. That is why we’ve decided to launch a BTS special package.”

— Cold Brew By Babinski


The Marketing Director announced that both Cold Brew By Babinski and BTS are very similar, and that they plan on using that synergy to create various promotional activities.

“Cold Brew and BTS are similar in that they’ve both broken the standards and have paved the way in popular new trends.

We look forward to putting forth great synergy with BTS through various marketing promotions.”

— Kim Dong Joo, Marketing Director at HY Fresh


This isn’t the first time Cold Brew By Babinski partnered up with a popular group. They had featured a special Wanna One packaging and opened various events where fans could enjoy both Cold Brew and their biases.


Now fans will be able to look forward to new events featuring BTS and Cold Brew By Babinski!

Source: Tech Holic