BTS To Collaborate With Fragrance Brand OHSCENT

A collaboration is in the works.

BTS has another collaboration in the works!

Recently, fragrance brand OHSCENT has hinted at a collaboration with BTS through their social media, exciting fans.

OHSCENT is a brand that “values on giving meaning to our daily lives through the scent.” They believe that good scent gives good life.

The space we stay in is our appearance. Feel the more positive inspiration by adding scent to your precious space where you can relax, have memories with someone and spend your personal time.



The brand name OHSCENT is the interjection of ‘Oh’ + ‘Scent’, meaning that the brand gives a pleasant interjection by a delicious scent.

Not much has been revealed except for the teaser photo. Stay tuned for more updates on this upcoming collaboration! The collaboration is set to drop on November 25.