BTS Hints At Comeback During Interviews At Grammy Awards

“The concept is…”

BTS has hinted at their upcoming comeback during multiple interviews during the 2019 Grammy Awards red carpet event and has fans buzzing with excitement.


With an interview with AP, BTS revealed that they have been working hard on their music up until right before their Grammy debut. RM also added that what they’ve been preparing will most definitely be worthwhile for fans.


In another interview, BTS revealed that the comeback with happening “sooner than later”.


And in yet another interview with Billboard, BTS stated that it will happen very soon and to the interviewer’s question, “So like a surprise album next week?” they replied that it could be.

We’ve been working very hard, so it’s going to be real soon.

ㅡ RM


In regard to the concept of the new album, RM replied that while they were not able to say many things, it will satisfy fans’ expectations.

I cannot say many things but I think it’s going to be paying off to our fans. The concept is paying off so I hope that they love it, listen to it and like it.

ㅡ RM


When asked whether the upcoming album will also be a trilogy, RM took a moment to think before replying that it was top secret.

Uhm…that’s a secret. Come on, that’s an important point.

ㅡ RM


Check out the full interview below:


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