BTS Teases Comeback With Jin’s “Epiphany” Music Video

BTS begins teasing for their comeback album “LOVE YOURSELF: Answer”!

BTS just began teasing for their upcoming album “LOVE YOURSELF: Answer” by dropping a brand new music video for Jin‘s solo song titled “Epiphany”.


The song opens up in a black and white view of Jin sitting down while another Jin seems to be leaving the room.


It soon reveals in color that the Jin leaving the room was a future version of Jin sitting down!


Jin walks out into the open where it begins raining as he sings, “I’m the one I should love.


The music video seems to infer that the answer to loving yourself is realizing just how “precious” your soul is. The video closes with Jin walking out to a truck where the rest of the members appear.


“LOVE YOURSELF: Answer” is set to release on August 24.

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