BTS Will Be Featured On Commemorative Medals To Honor Their Achievements

Only one other K-Pop group has had these coins made in their image.

BTS is set to receive an honor that only one other K-Pop group has received: commemorative medals.


Korea Minting and Security Printing Corporation (KOMSCO) creates commemorative medals and coins to immortalize important, historic events in Korea, and now BTS will be part of that illustrious tradition.


On July 3, the head of KOMSCO, Jo Yong Man, revealed KOMSCO’s plans to make BTS medals.  He stated that the company has not started production on the medals yet, but they are currently in talks about the medals with BTS’s agency, Big Hit Entertainment.


So far, only one other K-Pop group has had KOMSCO’s medals made in their image. Last April, EXO became the first K-Pop group in history to receive this honor for their contribution to the expansion of Korean culture.

Source: Insight Korea