BTS’s Commercials Will Be Playing At A Sacred Chinese Mountain

Because who can resist BTS?

Mount Tai is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is known for its Taoist temples and stunning views. It’s been of key importance in Chinese religion and is one of five sacred mountains in the country. But this scenic and sacred place will soon be featuring a completely different visual, BTS!


In a deal between the city of Seoul and the Taishan Scenic Area Management Committee, videos promoting Seoul will be shown on screens throughout the mountain and some of these videos will feature BTS!

In exchange, Seoul will be playing videos advertising the mountain in the city.


The videos played are from BTS’s Life in Seoul series that they made in 2017.

These videos show the members travel to different areas of Seoul and having fun in each location.


According to the agreement, the videos will be played across 10 screens in the park and will be played 57 times a day between July and December.

Sources have also said that the BTS videos will be shown at the mountain entrance as well as the ticket offices.


BTS has already been pulling in a lot of tourists but this agreement is taking things to the next level. Sharing these videos at this location will be huge since the mountain pulls in about 8 million tourists every year!

BTS Is Bringing More Tourists To Seoul Than Ever Before


The hope is that with the power of BTS and the prime advertising location, Seoul will be the place that everyone wants to go. And it surely will be!

“I will do my best to promote Seoul in other parts of China.” — Kim Tae Myun, Director of Seoul Tourism Business

Source: UPI