BTS composed, wrote, and produced for their upcoming album

BTS have once again participated in composing, writing, and producing for their upcoming album Wings: You Never Walk Alone.

The popular idol group has once again proven their talent and dedication by participating in the composing, writing and producing aspects for their upcoming album Wings: You Never Walk Alone. The group that debuted under Big Hit Entertainment back in 2013 and have since then helped in the production of their albums on several occasions in the past and have been widely praised for their collaborative efforts.

Their previous album Wings was co-written by the members of BTS, with members Rap Monster and Suga having participated the most.

Wings: You Never Walk Alone will be an extension of the initial Wings album, and fans are excited to see what the top group will have to show this comeback. The album set to be released on February 13th.

2017 will be a very active and exciting year for BTS as they are also going on a world tour that starts in February. The timing of the new album is perfect and will allow fans all over the world to hear the new songs front and center.

Source: HeraldCorp