New York City Subway Makes PSA About BTS’s Concert At Citi Field Stadium

The MTA made a public service announcement for BTS’s big day.

BTS‘s upcoming concert at Citi Field Stadium this Saturday has even the government of New York City on high alert!


BTS will be holding their first ever stadium concert as a part of their recent “Love Yourself” World Tour. The concert can hold nearly 42,000 seats, and BTS managed to sell out their complete ticketing!


As thousands of ARMYs from all over the world are flying into NYC to witness a historic day in BTS history, the MTA (Metropolitan Transportation Authority) of New York City made a public announcement about changes to the subway routes.


Considering many fans could be unfamiliar with the subway routes, the NYCT Subway even assisted fans plan out their routes for the big day.


Seeing NYCT Subway going out of their way to accommodate the fans, ARMYs thanked them for helping them plan their trip in advance so they don’t miss a moment of BTS!


Now all ARMYs have to worry about is enjoy history in the making with BTS!