The Possibility Of A BTS Concert In North Korea

Fans aren’t so keen.

On the 9th of January, Korean National Culture, Sports and Tourism Committee‘s chairman, Ahn Minseok, stated that he was looking to get BTS to perform at Pyeongyang, North Korea in September of 2019, to celebrate the one year anniversary of Pyeongyang Joint Declaration.

During a phone call with Yeonhap News, Ahn revealed that he has already made contact with BTS’s management.

Towards the end of last year, I proposed a concert appearance to BTS’s management and asked if a schedule readjstment would be possible.

– Ahn Minseok

This isn’t the first time Ahn has brought up the idea of a BTS performance in North Korea. In September of 2018, via a radio interview, Ahn emphasized the importance of uniting the divided nation mentally and culturally.

I thought, we need to put in effort to uniting mentally and culturally, not just politically.

[So] I want to push for BTS to perform at Pyeonyang.

– Ahn Minseok

When asked about the possibility of his idea, he replied that it is possible as long as effort is made.

Not all BTS fans are for this idea though, with many ARMYs saying that Ahn is just trying to use BTS as a political tool.

BTS’s management company, BigHit Entertainment, has carefully stated that they do not have any information to provide as of yet.

We don’t have anything to say about the show currently.

– BigHit Entertainment

Meanwhile, BTS will be focusing on their Love Yourself World Tour around Asia.

Source: AsiaE and Sports Chosun