BTS confirms April comeback with a mini-album

Earlier on April 6th, Big Hit Entertainment’s hip hop group BTS have confirmed a comeback for April 29th with a mini-album!

Previously, it was reported that the group would be making their comeback in May, however, with this announcement, fans can expect to hear all nine new tracks on their mini-album before the end of April!

This will be BTS’s first comeback since their first full album Dark & Wild which was released last summer with their hip hop title track “Danger.” The group also had official promotions for their B-track “War of Hormones” last October.

After their promotions with “War of Hormones,” BTS has been busy with their Japanese debut, releasing Japanese versions of their tracks on their album Wake Up as well as embarking on their first official concert tour BTS Live Trilogy: Episode II, The Red BulletSince then, they have completed the Asian leg of the tour and announced concert dates for the United States and Australia. In addition, they have begun their second official concert tour BTS Live Trilogy: Episode I, BTS Begins and released their official light sticks featuring the signature bomb from their YouTube series, Bangtan Bomb.

Their leader, Rap Monster, has also been busy releasing a track with American hip hop legend Warren G, his solo mixtape, a music video for his tracks “Do You” and “Joke” as well as featuring on MFBTY’s new album.

Source: TenAsia