“Congratulations Jimin” Is Trending On Twitter Due To A Massive Accomplishment By The BTS Member

He deserves the praise!

If you’ve been on Twitter today, you may have noticed that the phrase “Congratulations Jimin” was trending recently with nearly 50k tweets.

The reason that it’s trending is because the BTS member has just accomplished something with one of his songs that hasn’t been done before!


His recent OST for Our Blues with Ha Sungwoon, “With You”, has reached 80 million streams on Spotify in record time!

It’s even more impressive because this is Jimin’s first OST!


There are other reasons that “Congratulations Jimin” is currently trending as well, such as an accomplishment that “Promise” has made…

… As well as the milestone that his song with Lauv and Jungkook, “Who”, has now reached!

Jimin definitely deserves the recognition for all that he has accomplished recently!