BTS Contract Has Ended With American Label Gramophone Media

Big Hit will no longer be promoting BTS through USA’s Gramophone.

BTS‘s contract with Gramophone Media has ended. Gramophone, a US brand management company, helped introduce BTS‘s brand to the American public.


According to Gramophone’s CEO, Eshy Gazit, Gramophone supported the group during their 2017 rise to international stardom. Gramophone arranged BTS‘s guest appearances on several US television shows, including The American Music Awards…


…and The Ellen Show!


Gazit posted the announcement on his Tumblr:

Dear all,
First, allow me to thank once more the genius Mr. Bang, Big Hit and BTS for giving me and my company the historic opportunity of supporting BTS in the US for the past few years.
I am very proud of what we have all achieved and of BTS’ recent success in the US.
Working with all of you was a dream that one can only wish for. I had the honor of introducing BTS to the US audience through some of the biggest TV shows in the world: The American music awards, The Ellen show, Late Night Show with Jimmy Kimmel, New York’s Rocking Eve with Ryan Seacrest and the Late Late Night with James Corden. I was able to connect the band with some of the biggest and most important artists of this century including The Chainsmokers, Halsey, Steve Aoki, Fallout boy, Desiigner and many others as well as A&R the remix of Mic Drop which broke records this year and became a gold record recently. I am also proud to lead the promotion of ‘DNA’ (which also achieved gold status) to top 40 radio in the US; a Korean language record which paved the way for the band’s top 40 radio acceptance as well as play-listing in platforms such as Apple and Spotify.
My team and I were also able to secure top press looks for the band including the recent cover of Billboard, a Rolling Stone feature story, New York Times and much more.
None of this was possible without the support of BTS’ army, who is the most loyal and committed fan base out there that any band could dream of. Days and night, through and through millions of fans supported these efforts as well as many other efforts and initiatives globally.
I believe that my job is done here, and now it’s in the hands of the band, the label and Army to continue and grow the success this year and years to come.
To me this success symbolizes much more than just the success of the band.
It shows that America is ready and open to adopt artists from all over the world, and that more than ever, the young generation here in America and all over the world is looking for authentic art without prejudice or limits. It shows that the music industry is a global industry now and represents the world in its entirety both east and west.
I left music creation 9 years ago with the mission to bring peace to this world through Music’s ability to connect us as one.
It is my legacy and my life’s dedication to continue to bring peace and peacefulness to the world through music.
I’m humbled beyond words and grateful to all the great people in my life, my family, my team and my friends from all over the world.
Love you all,


Some BTS fans believe his words are sincere:


Others are skeptical, and speculate why the contract ended:


But, ARMYs around the world are all curious to know what this change means for BTS and their future promotion plans:


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