BTS’s Countdown Continues…And Fans Are Still Namfused AF

Even the most talented detective-ARMYs can’t solve this mystery.

If you’re feeling Namfused, Jungshook, or just plain puzzled about BTS‘s countdown, don’t worry. You’re not alone!

On May 17, BTS shared a mysterious, black and white teaser on Twitter with the text “D-7” on it. As of May 19, the countdown is now on “D-4”, but ARMYs are no closer to figuring out what the heck is going on! Here’s proof.

1. We’ll understand…tomorrow

2. The difference between D-5 and D-4?

3. Calling for back up

4. When all the pieces don’t fit at all

5. Let me speak to your manager

6. “Thanks for keeping up with my dumbass.”

7. Glasses make zero difference

8. At this point, anything goes

9. Well, almost anything…

10. Hello, darkness…