Chinese Rapper Accused Of Plagiarizing BTS’s Song “Ddaeng”

ARMYs are outraged.

Fans have accused a Chinese rapper of copying the instrumental from BTS‘s song “Ddaeng” after noticing unmistakable similarities between the tracks.


BTS’s “Ddaeng” is a diss track co-produced by Suga and performed by BTS’s rappers, RM, Suga, and J-Hope. It was released as part of the lead up to BTS’s fifth-anniversary, which took place on June 13, 2018.


Recently, ARMYs discovered a track by Chinese rapper D-Day that they claim sounds too similar to “Ddaeng” to be coincidental.


This composite, which layers the two songs, reveals undeniable similarities between the beats.


After discovering the alleged plagiarism, ARMYs expressed their outrage and attempted to bring the incident to the attention of BTS’s label, Big Hit Entertainment.


In response to the backlash, D-Day’s company released an official statement on the matter.


The company claims that D-Day, fellow singer-songwriter HAMY, and producer DMT composed the track together. They claim that their track is “totally different” in terms of “melody, note composition, and chord progression” than “Ddaeng”.


The company also states that they will take action against any who spread false rumors and accusations against their artists and their original works.


ARMYs did not take kindly to this statement and refused to change their stance. Even though the company states that D-Day’s song is an original work, many BTS fans still do not believe the similarities were coincidental.


As of January 1, D-Day’s song has reportedly been removed from its streaming site, due to illegitimacy.


An official statement regarding its removal has yet to be made.