Nobody Was Ready For BTS’s “Dionysus” Attack, And It Shows

The Japanese version of “Dionysus” just charged onto the scene.

BTS just dropped Map Of The Soul: 7 ~ The Journey, and it’s taking the internet by storm. This new Japanese album features Japanese remixes of Korean tracks, including “Dionysus”. Fans weren’t prepared for its next-level intensity, and it shows. Here are ARMY’s most relatable reactions!

| Suga/Big Hit Entertainment

1. This upgrade

2. Less dance, more death!

3. Time for a costume change…

4. Jin said it best

5. Warning: “Spring Day” has entered the chat

6. There is no in between

7. The ultimate anime fight music

8. If the Korean version slaps, the Japanese version is a K’O!

9. Approximately 27 million people right now:

10. When you get exactly what you bargained for

11. Another outfit change? Don’t mind if I do!

12. The veterinarian might have questions

13. The “Dionysus” starter kit