BTS Discuss Subunits, Themes, And More For New Album

Here’s what they brainstormed during a recent meeting.

On May 11, BTS shared a meeting on YouTube about their in-progress album. In addition to revealing the release date, the members discussed possible themes/subjects, subunits, and more. Here are 10 of the highlights.

1. Bringing back subunits from BTS’s rookie days

J-Hope suggested reviving two subunits from 2013: JinSuga, and RM from “Adult Child”…

…and Jimin, J-Hope, V, and Jungkook from “Beautiful”.

2. A “bright” concept

Suga suggested a “bright” concept, and Jimin seconded this.

3. “Minimiz”

Speaking of Suga and Jimin, how about “Minimiz”? Suga suggested that he and Jimin form a subunit for a rap song because he wants to hear Jimin rap “seriously”. If this is anything like their “Tony Montana” stage, we’re all for it!

4. One rap unit and two vocal line units

5. A new skit

BTS haven’t included a “skit” in their albums since 2017, so it might be time to bring them back!

6. 7 songs for 7 years

V feels that 7 songs would be best since it’s their seventh year. The other members agreed and said that this could mean two subunit songs, one skit, and four songs with all seven members.

7. A “So What” song

V wants to do a song in the spirit of BTS’s upbeat song, “So What”.

8. A “Spring Day” song

Jin suggested a song like “Spring Day” that has mass appeal. “Spring Day” is the undisputed queen of BTS songs, but this new song might come after her crown!

9. A song to relieve stress

Jungkook wants one of their new songs to be a stress-reliever that will help ARMY release their frustration when they’re feeling annoying about something.

10. Keywords

The members mentioned a few keywords to keep in mind that are connected to the album’s themes and subject matter: empathy (Jin), telepathy (RM), and letter (Suga).

Mark your calendars! BTS’s new album is coming out sooner than you might think.

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