DJ Swivel Launches A Top Secret BTS Project

How has BTS changed your life? He wants to know.

Psst! Can you keep a secret? DJ Swivel is inviting BTS fans to participate in a mysterious, new project.

DJ Swivel | @djswivel/Twitter

Jordan “DJ Swivel” Young is a GRAMMY Award-winning Canadian music producer. He has collaborated with BTS on a number of albums including BTS, The Best, MAP OF THE SOUL: 7, MAP OF THE SOUL: Persona, the BTS WORLD OST, and LOVE YOURSELF: Tear. DJ Swivel is also credited as one of the producers for Jungkook‘s solo track, “Euphoria.”


Now, another type of collaboration is underway, this time between DJ Swivel and ARMY. On March 24, DJ Swivel tweeted a request for personal stories about ARMY’s life-changing experiences with BTS.

Given that both BTS and ARMY have been exploited in the past, some fans are skeptical about the project. Rather, they have chosen to wait for an official announcement from BTS’s agency, BigHit Music.

Other fans, however, are excited to participate and have encouraged their fellow ARMYs to join.

DJ Swivel has addressed ARMY’s concerns, stating that he is “in communication” with BTS and/or their agency.

ARMYs interested in joining DJ Swivel’s project can do so by submitting their short stories to