BTS’s “DNA” Taught As Part Of A Lecture At Harvard University

BTS has infiltrated one of the top schools in the world!

BTS‘s ‘DNA’ broke records and made history, and it’s now infiltrated one of the top schools in the whole wide world!


A BTS fan spread video proof of BTS’s ‘DNA’ music video being played during a lecture at Harvard University.


The video was incorporated in the lecture because of the unique design of DNA strands decorating the video, as well as the members’ choreography that mimic its chemical structure.

“The music video is enhanced by images of actual ‘DNA’ as BTS mimics the chemical structure of the molecules through choreography.”

— Lecture video subtitle


The OP wasn’t quite sure which class incorporated the video but they assume it had something to do with biology.

“My friend goes to Harvard, and the professor showed BTS’s ‘DNA’ music video to the class during lecture hahaha

They pointed out the DNA designs and choreography in the music video ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I don’t know what class this is but I think it’s biology”

— @jiminnsshi


Other ARMYs confirmed that BTS is indeed a part of Harvard University’s curriculums as they are studied in various fields of studies!


This isn’t the first time BTS has become a lecture at a prestigious school. University of California, Berkeley recently created a 2-credit course about BTS!


Time to hit the books, ARMYs!