BTS’s Jin And Jungkook Made Cameos In Selena Gomez’s MV…Sort Of

Jin and Jungkook’s Mattel dolls appeared in the doll version of her “Boyfriend” MV.

If you’ve been hoping for a BTS Selena Gomez collaboration, your wish has been granted. Kind of.

On April 10, Selena Gomez released this music video for her song “Boyfriend”. In this femme fatale fairytale reversal, she goes from date to date, turning the men she meets into frogs with the magic words, “I want a boyfriend.” 

On April 29, Selena Gomez released a new doll version of her “Boyfriend” MV. It copies the original video shot for shot, but there are two key differences: Jin and Jungkook.

At the 1:05 mark, Jin’s Mattel doll replaces Selena Gomez’s restaurant date.

A second later, Jungkook’s doll appears in the background of this bar scene…

…and he’s probably wondering how he got there!

The Mattel dolls’ original clothes, based on BTS’s “IDOL” outfits, can also be seen on a clothing rack.

By now, ARMYs are used to BTS popping up in unlikely places, but this “cameo” still took them by surprise!

Here’s hoping for a real-life collab in the future?

Watch the video here: