BTS Is Dominating The Box Office With “Break The Silence: The Movie”

Even before hitting Korean theaters, it’s dominating the box office:

BTS‘s long-awaited fourth documentary film Break The Silence: The Movie is getting ready to hit Korean theaters but even before its release, the film is already dominating the box office.

Originally set to premiere in Korean theaters on September 10 and ultimately delayed, Break The Silence: The Movie is ready to hit theaters on September 24. With the release right around the corner, ticketing recently opened up and the movie has already been receiving a lot of love.

According to the Korean Film Council, Break The Silence: The Movie reached a ticketing rate of 56.8% at around 10 AM KST on September 21 with 39,681 reserved tickets. That’s almost 40,000 bookings 3 days before screening begins!

The movie, like the docuseries of the same name, will share footage from their 2019 LOVE YOURSELF: SPEAK YOURSELF world tour as well as exclusive interviews and more which will take everyone behind the scenes and into the minds of the members.

With excitement growing for the release in Korea and with such strong booking rates, it’s predicted that BTS’s new movie will be an absolute box office sensation!

Watch a trailer for the movie below:

Source: Sports Chosun