BTS’ “Dope” MV exceeds 100 million views

BTS continues to soar as they reach a new milestone, proving their worldwide popularity!

The music video for their hit song “Dope” recently surpassed 100 million views on Youtube. Released on June 23rd, 2015, it quickly became a fan favorite and created an influx of new fans. This is an amazing accomplishment for BTS as “Fire” and “Boy In Luv” are second in views with 69 million each.

Other idols in the 100 million views club include 2NE1, Girls’ Generation, and BIGBANG.

“Dope” attracted attention with its ridiculously fast-paced dancing and energetic vibe. The group brags about how “dope” they are due to their dedication to their work and craft. It certainly is an infectious song as the chorus makes everyone want to sing/shout along.

BTS continues to prove their “dopeness” as they break Youtube and Billboard records with their recent album Wings.

Feel pumped with their hit song below!