BTS Drops New “Dionysus” Choreography Video For FESTA 2020

BTS have given ARMY another gift for their 2020 FESTA.

BTS have released a never before seen video for their smash hit “Dionysus”!

On June 2, BTS released a new choreography video as part of their 2020 FESTA celebrations. Each year, the group celebrates their June 2013 debut by giving ARMYs new photos, videos, songs, and more as gifts.

This new “stage cam” shows BTS rehearsing “Dionysus” for their 2019 SPEAK YOURSELF concert in Seoul.

So far, BTS has gifted fans with this rehearsal video, family portraits, and a summery “Airplane Pt. 2” music video. Check the “Dionysus” stage cam here, and stay tuned for more FESTA celebrations!