“Dynamite” Co-Writer David Stewart Teases A New BTS Song

The next “Dynamite” could be on the way.

Last year, BTS released a disco-inspired song that would raise them into a new level of superstardom: “Dynamite”.

At the time of its release, “Dynamite” was new to the world, but it began its journey twelve years earlier with songwriter David Stewart. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Stewart revealed that the earliest version of “Dynamite” was born in his old bedroom studio.

I made that song out of my bedroom in my parents’ house. I didn’t do it in the flashy studio with a big console. This is 12 years in the making, me in my bedroom just working.

— David Stewart

Stewart and co-writer Jessica Agombar reworked that “Dynamite” to become BTS’s “Dynamite”.

We changed four or five little bits — a few of the lines were maybe not something that would make sense for BTS to say.

— David Stewart

Now another BTS song is in the works. On January 6, Stewart dropped this spoiler on Twitter.

The sudden news is leaving fans with more questions than answers. Some are wondering if Stewart’s song has been submitted as a candidate for BTS’s next album, or if it’s a done deal.

Hopefully, more details will be revealed in the near future, but until then: