BTS’s “Dynamite” Is Now Tied For The Most Music Show Wins In Korean History


Celebrating yet another music show win today, BTS‘s hit song “Dynamite” is now tied for the most music show wins in Korean history!

From its very first music show win, “Dynamite” has been making and breaking records. On August 29, “Dynamite” scored its first win on MBC‘s Music Core, becoming the first English-language song to ever win on a Korean music show.

Of course, the song didn’t stop there. Over the past six months, it’s continued to rack up win after win. In November last year, “Dynamite” received its 22nd music show win, surpassing “Boy With Luv” for the song with the most wins of the 21st century.

As of January this year, “Dynamite” recorded three wins on MBC’s Show Champion, three wins on SBS‘s Inkigayo, 10 wins on MBC’s Music Core, and 14 wins on KBS‘s Music Bank for a total of 30 wins overall.

So, it should come as little surprise that the song managed to achieve yet another music show win this month. “Dynamite” celebrated its 31st win on Music Bank today, beating out IU‘s “Celebrity” by 9,812 points to 5,617 points.

The most impressive part? This 31st doesn’t just extend the group’s record for the most music show wins this century. It also makes “Dynamite” tied for the music show wins of all time!

Shin Seung Hun, known as the “Emperor of Ballads” in Korea, set a record for the most music show wins in South Korean history in 1992 with his much-loved track “Invisible Love”. Since then, no other artist has managed to beat out his achievement of 31 wins…

Shin Seung Hun

… until now. As of today, “Dynamite” is now the joint no.1 song with the most music show wins alongside “Invisible Love”, tying a remarkable 29-year-record.

| Big Hit Entertainment 

And in true BTS fashion, that’s not the only feat they achieved. “Dynamite”‘s 31st win brings the group’s total win count up to 130. This makes BTS the first Korean artist in history to achieve 130 wins. Roll on 140!