Fans Spot Look-Alike Actors Playing BTS On The TV Show “Empire”

ARMYs were in for a surprise when they watched the latest episode.

ARMYs were in for a surprise when they tuned into the latest episode of Empire!


Empire is an American musical drama television series that began airing in 2015. It is currently on its sixth and final season.


During an awards show scene in the show’s latest episode, viewers spotted several actors playing celebrities in the audience. The list of look-alikes includes Lady GagaNiki Minaj


…and BTS. Wait, what?


In the clip, faux BTS sits in the front row, politely clapping and whispering to each other like the real BTS does at award shows.


Fans aren’t exactly sure who is supposed to be who, but they’re having a lot of fun figuring it out! The blonde could be V


…this might be “bootlegged” Jin


…and here’s Snape — err — Jungkook.


According to the actress who plays Lady Gaga, the actors chosen for BTS were grouped together at random.


Although fans have mixed feelings about Empire‘s casting choices, most are having fun with it and enjoying the randomness of it all.


They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and nothing says “mainstream success” quite like a random cameo on national TV!