19 Chaotic Moments From BTS’s “ON” Encore Stage

They were a mess on Music Bank, in the best possible way.

On Music BankBTS took their first win for “ON” with 7,465 points over Zico’s “Any song” (4,511 points). As always, they celebrated with an encore stage, and it might be their most chaotic one yet! Here are 19 moments that will go down in Music Bank history.

1. Jimin missing his whole intro because he was putting on a drum…

2. …then diving for his mic just in time to say the “dow” in “shadow”.

3. V’s voice cracking…

4. …and Jungkook drawing attention to it.

Instead of letting V’s mistake slide, Jungkook commented on it by saying, “hoho” into his mic.

5. Drummer boy Jungkook being a one man marching band

6. Jin making V laugh by laughing

7. J-Hope playing an air drum when he has an actual drum

8. RM completely losing the beat…

9. …then recovering like this

10. Suga fighting a lonely battle with his malfunctioning earpiece

11. Further proof that J-Hope needs drum lessons

12. “Can’t hold me down cuz — what the?”

When Jin fumbled this line, it ended it with “meoya (뭐야)” instead of “cuz you know I’m a fighter”. 

13. Jungkook doing whatever dance this is

14. Jimin getting completely and hopelessly lost after Jin’s fumbled line

15. More of J-Hope not using his drumsticks as drumsticks

16. RM giving it his all on the drum…

17. …then ditching it

18. Drummer V and Drummer Jungkook’s big baby vibes

19. Suga getting ready to rap right as Music Bank cuts the video

Watch their chaotic “ON” encore here: