BTS’s RM Helped ENHYPEN’s Jungwon Get Through A Difficult Time

He shared wisdom, leader to leader.

RM has over eight years of experience as BTS‘s leader, and now he’s passing on his wisdom to the next generation of K-Pop stars.

RM | Weverse

From their time as trainees on Mnet‘s I-LAND to now, ENHYPEN‘s members have looked up to BTS as role models and sources of inspiration. Some ENHYPEN members even chose to become idols because of BTS.

That goes to show that we want to take after not only BTS sunbae-nims’ accomplishments but also their attitudes as artists.


ENHYPEN’s leader Jungwon recently revealed that RM helped him through a “rough patch” by giving him valuable advice.


When I was going through a rough patch, RM sunbae-nim told me that ‘a leader is someone who pushes from behind the team, not pull from the front.’ That really stuck with me, because I found it super impressive. It has been engraved in my head since.

— Jungwon

RM’s advice has stayed with Jungwon, helping him to be the leader ENHYPEN needs.

We’re a seven-membered group just like BTS, so I do hope I get a chance to ask him more about how we can keep the team ‘chemistry’ alive and how we can work together to move forward.

— Jungwon