Toxic Fan Accounts And Antis Of BTS And EXO On Weibo Get Suspended

It was all in efforts to create a healthy fan environment.

It was recently reported by Yonhap News that Chinese social media site, Weibo, had suspended some large fan accounts of BTS and EXO for being toxic. The suspension of the relevant accounts will last for 30 days.

According to Weibo, the suspension took place due to the judgment that the fanclubs had participated in “irrational support and investments“, “malicious marketing” and other reasons.

In order to build a healthy, non-toxic fan culture, we have taken action against those who broke the rules while fundraising, did malicious marketing, fabricated rumors, etc.

— Weibo

The actions served to focus on cleaning up any irrational support and fundraisers that broke the rules, take down malicious marketing accounts that have fabricated rumors and purposefully provoked fan wars as well as investigate professional anti-fans who attack celebrities and fan groups.

Weibo has since helped to delete 2,307 posts that involve attack and hate, and have taken action against 80 anti-fan accounts.

8 BTS-related fan accounts and 2 EXO-related fan accounts were suspended for 30 days. Other anti-fan accounts, as well as entertainment sites, were suspended for 15 days.

BTS and EXO fan accounts in pink. | Weibo

Weibo further announced that these measures are all to create a healthy fan environment. They also explained the rules of Weibo once again.

For a long time, we have taken a hard line against irrational support (of celebrities) and fundraisers that do not adhere to the rules, and have taken actions against the related accounts multiple times. Once again, we announce that you are prohibited from organizing, encouraging, and promoting fundraisers for purposes such as supporting celebrities in polls, promoting them, increasing album sales and increasing ticket sales.You’re also prohibited from using eternal links, messenger groups, QR codes, etc. to direct fans to a 3rd-party platform for the purpose of fundraising. We are blacklisting all fundraiser app and blocking any related external links

— Weibo

Currently, only fan accounts of K-Pop idols have been suspended, while fan accounts of various Korean celebrities and actors have yet to be investigated.

Source: Yonhap News, Weibo and Weibo (1) and (2)