BTS Is Expanding Into Literature With New Book “The Notes”

ARMYs questions about the BU will be answered.

After nearly half a month of teasers, BigHit Entertainment has finally revealed the purpose of the mysterious “Smeraldo Books” twitter account.

Big Hit Entertainment’s Mysterious “Smeraldo Books” Piques Fans’ Curiosity

The teasers were cryptic, but ARMY knew for certain that whatever was being teased would take place in the BTS universe which was previously highlighted in their music videos for “Run” and “I NEED U”.

For example, the first teaser featured Jin and was accompanied by a diary entry just like all the teasers.

Every member has a character with a large part to play in the BTS universe. The final teaser came from Jin’s character once more as he is sort of an omniscient presence in this plotline.

Once the fifteen teasers had all been released, BigHit listed a new item under the “books” section of their store. This new book is entitled “The Notes 1: The Most Beautiful Moment in Life”.

The book is available in (J)apanese, (E)nglish and (K)orean.

The plot appears to be told through diary entries of the characters, just like the teasers implied.

ARMY can only pre-order for now as the book releases on the 5th of March.

The fact that it includes “1” in the title implies that more book releases are planned under Smeraldo Books. BTS have expanded their reach once more, this time to literature.


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