BTS Explains The Meaning Behind “LOVE YOURSELF: Tear”, Their Next Goal, And More

They got real about the album’s meaning, the production, their goals afterwards, and more!

BTS sat down with J-14‘s Liam McEwan for an exclusive interview, where they revealed everything you need to know about the new “LOVE YOUR: Tear” album!


RM began the session by explaining what their new album is all about. He explained that they wanted to expose the complexity of love by touching upon its darker side.

“Basically love is complex. There’s sort of some sides that make us really feel bad or depressed. There could be tears, there could be sadness. So this time we wanted to focus on some of the parts of love that we want to run away from. So the name is Tear.” — RM


But as always, he made sure to emphasize that love isn’t just about person to person, but about truly loving yourself as well.

“So we want to say that if you won’t be true to yourself, the love won’t last. The love could be between a person and a person, but it could also be between me and myself.” — RM


RM also touched upon why they’re advocating the different kinds of love. He revealed that he wants to give positivity back to their fans who continually shower them with overflowing love.

“Sometimes, we truly feel like we’re getting so much love – even more than we deserve. So it’s important to give back to people who give us so much love. Because, you know, love isn’t a resource. You can’t keep giving it back and back and back all over the world. So we think it’s really important to give back.” — RM


When Liam asked what they felt about advocating such important messages to society as world-stars, Suga explained that it’s not a burden on just famous influencers but anybody with any amount of influence in the world.

“I think it’s not just successful artists. I think anyone with influence should be trying to send out a positive message. I think it would be better for the world. It would make the world more positive and better for everybody.” — Suga


Of course, the whole album was preluded by V‘s solo “Singularity”. When asked if he felt burdened by having to set the mood for the album, he replied, “Of course.

He explained that it was very difficult dancing by himself, “Individually… Solo dance is very difficult, very hard.” But Jimin praised him for his job well done, “I’ve never actually seen V dance so hard.“!



With only a few days left before their grand debut stage of “FAKE LOVE” at the Billboard Music Awards, Suga revealed the next goal that he hopes to accomplish. Their goal last year was to perform at the BBMAs, and now he hopes to attend the Grammy’s!

“Maybe… Grammy?” — Suga

“We’ll see… The Grammy’s is a whole another world, so…” — RM


Finally, Jimin concluded the interview by revealing what kind of group they want to be remembered by for years to come.

“I would love if they remembered us as boys who always wanted to show their sincerity and their sincerest side.” — Jimin


BTS’s new album drops today, May 18th, with their BBMAs this Sunday!