BTS Explains Why They Won’t Be Singing in English

They’ve chosen to stick with their K-Pop roots.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, BTS explain why they won’t be singing in English and why they choose to remain faithful to their K-Pop roots.

We don’t want to change our identity or our genuineness to get the number one. Like if we sing suddenly in full English, and change all these other things, then that’s not BTS. We’ll do everything, we’ll try. But if we couldn’t get number one or number five, that’s okay. –RM

Suga also added that their main goal was to create good music and good performances with the use of a blend of different elements.

BTS music has been known to have English titles and some English words within the song itself, but the majority of their lyrics are still in Korean.

With the mention of the rise of songs non-English music, like Luis Fonsi’s Despacito, RM mentioned that they still think there will be difficulties by choosing to stick with Korean.

You know, Latin pop has its own Grammys in America, and it’s quite different. I don’t want to compare, but I think it’s even harder as an Asian group.

However, BTS has been known to be able to overcome any challenges and rise above the standards, so we’re sure they’ll be able to overcome this difficulty. Their new album, Map of the Soul: Persona, comes out April 12!

Source: TIME and Entertainment Weekly