BTS Song Fake Love Has Broken A Huge Record On Spotify!

BTS continue to make huge strides on the platform.

BTS’ single “Fake Love” from their album Love Yourself: Tear is now the most streamed Korean song on Spotify.

Fake Love has surpassed PSY’s 2012 groundbreaking hit, ‘Gangnam Style’ which blew up all over the world.

Gangnam Style currently sits at 183,038,048 streams on Spotify.

Meanwhile, Fake Love is at 183,309,283. It has officially surpassed Gangnam Style which was released five and a half years before Fake Love. Wow!

A.R.M.Y are naturally ecstatic about this fact, previously many thought that the heights of Gangnam Style may never be reached by another Korean artist but BTS are reaching new heights in the music world!

Love Yourself: Tear as a whole has been hugely successful on the platform. The Love Yourself series has been huge for BTS.

Perhaps the A.R.M.Y may even reach Gangnam Style’s popularity on YouTube? I would never doubt them.