BTS Fanboys Sprinting To See Jin Looks Like A Scene Straight Out Of “Train To Busan”

Talk about chaos!

When you picture an over-excited BTS fan, we wouldn’t fault you for thinking of their female fans who can be incredibly vocal with their love for the K-Pop group. Of course, BTS has plenty of male fans as well, but the fangirl stereotype is a common one for K-Pop fans in general, and there are certainly a lot of fans who do fit the criteria for this label!

But recently, young male fans of BTS’s Jin were caught sprinting so desperately and in such large droves that it really gives a clear picture of just how much influence the eldest BTS member has in the group’s fandom, regardless of gender.


Jin recently made a visit to his old high school, Boseong High School, in order to film some content. Dressed in his old school uniform, he practically looked youthful enough to still fit right in.

When students at the school became aware of Jin’s presence, it seemingly became a mad dash for them to try and get to the K-Pop idol quickly in order to get his signature!

The scenes from the school are being compared to the hordes of zombies seen in Train to Busan, and it’s easy to see why.

Someone even made fanart of the students chasing after Jin!

It’s obvious that Jin has way more than just fangirls, based on this imagery.

The boys’ reactions and interactions with Jin continued to endear the public as more was revealed. They were excited just to be in the near vicinity of the K-Pop idol, and shared their excitement online!

Caption: He was waving towards us👋 he waved to his juniors🤚 It’s rather cute how he greeted us while passing by;;;

Caption: Male student: What’s so pretty about our school uniform that you’re wearing it!!!! Wear something expensive!!!! Expensive!!!!

There were so many accounts shared by these male students online about their interactions with or nearness to Jin!


Caption: I ate at the same place as Jin


Translation: I saw him 1m away and first of all, he’s f*cking handsome. His face is freaking small and his height is 179 on his profile but because he has good proportions, he looks like he’s in the low 180’s. He’s just f*cking handsomeㅋㅋㅋ


Caption: How is his face this small;;

image (1)

Caption: Freaking handsomeㄷㄷ

The above gifs and images have caught a lot of attention online, and people can’t help but share their amusement over the entire situation.











  • “The boys are cute lol.”
  • “Lolololol everyone has a piece of paper.”
  • “It’s like a real Train to Busan lol.”
  • “This is cute lolll.”
  • “High school boys are cute haha.”
  • “The babies are cute lol.”
  • “I want to see Jin in real life too.”
  • “Lol, it’s so funny, but he looks handsome.”
  • “The students are terrifying lolll.”
  • “Seeing them sprinting is cute haha.”

How would you act if you had the chance to meet Jin?

Source: The Qoo


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