BTS Fans Created A Movement To Empower Black ARMYs And It’s Literally So Much Love

BTS fans once again prove how powerful love can be.

Elismarie Ortiz is a 15-year-old student from Florida and a big fan of BTS. She used that love for BTS to create a movement that empowered black ARMYs all over the world!


She created the Twitter hashtag, #BlackArmyBeauty, in an effort to spread love and positivity for black BTS fans.


She included a photo of a flower called Protea King with a special filter, symbolizing unity in diversity through courage.


She asked others to support the movement to spread BTS’s signature motto to “love yourself”.


Although she herself is not black, she revealed that she decided to stand up and create this movement after her close friend received hateful messages for the color of her skin.

“[My friend] had a lot of negative thoughts about herself when she saw them. I wanted to do something to change this. I wanted this to be an impactful project and hopefully start a change in this fandom so that more Armies could speak out against racism.”  Elismarie Ortiz


Beautiful black ARMYs everywhere began posting their selfies along with the hashtag and flower.


The hashtag and movement received praise and applause for its positive and loving message.


ARMY proved once again just how amazing a fandom can be – a loving family that spans worldwide!


All in all, it was simply amazing!

Source: Buzzfeed