BTS Fan Pranks The US News With Jungkook’s Childhood Photo

Another news station has fallen for ARMY’s pranks.

BTS‘s Jungkook has made another unexpected cameo on American television!

In lockdown, you have to get creative to stay entertained, and for some fans that means pranking the local news. Not long ago, ABC7 featured viewer-submitted names and photos of 2020 graduates to congratulate them, and one of those graduates was Jungkook.

A fan submitted Jungkook’s 2017 graduation photo from the School of Performing Arts Seoul, and it went viral.

Once ABC7 realized they had been pranked, they responded by adding the other six BTS members to the Class of 2020.

Now ARMY is pranking the US news again with this adorable photo from Jungkook’s childhood!

Fox 4 News for Dallas-Fort Worth wished “John Guk” a very happy 5th birthday, not knowing that he is actually a 22-year-old superstar.

Fans who have seen the prank are loving it and wondering which new station will be next. If you don’t watch your local news, you might want to start now!