BTS Fans Say “Sorry Not Sorry” With #ARMY_Apologize Hashtag

Fans respond to a “fan war” caused by a recent voting incident.

BTS‘s ARMY is “apologizing” to fellow K-Pop fandoms with the top trending hashtag #ARMY_Apologize.

When it comes to voting, music charts, and streaming records, K-Pop fans can be extremely competitive. After all, these are some of the top ways they can directly help their faves rise in popularity and sales to achieve greater success.

Although there’s nothing wrong with a little healthy rivalry, a minority of fans do cross the line now and then. Recently, ARMY received heat from other fandoms after some of their own allegedly sent death threats to the competition.

Many ARMYs have sincerely apologized for this inappropriate behavior, as it reflects poorly on the majority of BTS fans and, by association, BTS.

Other ARMYs, however, are tired of their entire fandom being blamed for the minority’s misdeeds. Rather than apologizing for the ARMYs who should apologize for their own behavior, these ARMYs are hijacking the #ARMY_apologize hashtag to apologize “for being the best and most powerful fandom in the world”. 

Some of these fans are specifically “apologizing” for not tolerating cheating and chart manipulation, stating that they are helping BTS honestly.

Meanwhile, some fans from the “19 fandoms” who have been accused of teaming up to take down ARMY and BTS, aren’t happy about being dragged into this “fan war”.

Unfortunately, conflict between fandoms is one of the downsides of K-Pop, but as many fans have pointed out, the groups themselves get along, and that’s what really matters!