BTS Fans Slam Ticketmaster For “Unfair” Refund Conditions

Fans are not happy about Ticketmaster’s refund announcement.

Once again, Ticketmaster‘s refund policy is coming under fire, following a recent announcement.

Back in April, concertgoers called out Ticketmaster for quietly changing their refund policy in response to skyrocketing refund demands due to COVID-19 postponements and cancellations. While other companies like Stubhub planned to petition the government for bailout money, Ticketmaster changed their refund policy to accommodate canceled shows only. Previously, Ticketmaster allowed refunds for shows that were postponed or canceled.

Following the controversy, Ticketmaster clarified the change, stating that refunds for postponed shows would still be possible. There is, however, a catch.

On May 25, many BTS fans received messages from Ticketmaster regarding BTS’s postponed Map of the Soul tour. The email states that fans will be able to request a refund for the next 30 days, despite the fact that the new dates have yet to be announced.

Hang on to your tickets – we’ll email you as soon as the new date is announced. We understand that you might not be able to make it, so we have worked with the event organizer to make sure you have an option. The opportunity to request a refund will be available for 30 days. If you decide to hold on to your tickets, you will receive a new communication when the event organizer either cancels or reschedules the event.

— Ticketmaster

This means that ARMYs will have to decide to refund their tickets or not while still being in the dark about the new dates. Without knowing the dates, many do not know whether or not they can make it to the postponed shows.

Please note that, unless the event is canceled at a later date, this will be the only window in which you may receive refunds. There will not be another refund window once the new date is set.

— Ticketmaster

Unsurprisingly, concertgoers feel that this policy is unfair, claiming that Ticketmaster is “scheming” to hold onto their money.

Since the 30-day window reportedly begins on the day the email is received, not on the day the new dates are announced, fans are expressing their frustration and reaching out to Ticketmaster to plead their case. Given that the COVID-19 pandemic is still ongoing, it is unlikely that Big Hit Entertainment will confirm new tour dates within the next 30 days.