BTS Fans Trend #WhereIsHoseok Worldwide When He Doesn’t Show Up With Jimin At The Airport


Ever since BTS‘ North American partner Eshy Gazit, posted this on his Instagram, fans have been anxious to see what he was hinting at, especially since they’ve all been waiting for J-Hope to drop his mixtape “Hixtape”.

Since February 15 marks 9 days, fans are anxiously watching J-Hope’s every move, so when Jimin returned from his Japan trip without J-Hope everyone was on edge.

And fans went on a frenzy trending #WhereIsHoseok to try and get some answers.

In fact, they were more concerned with finding J-Hope than finding a Valentine’s date.

Some ARMYs thought they had found him…

But alas the photos were old, and the search is still on for J-Hope!