BTS Fans Are Already Unraveling The Mystery Of 2020 FESTA

ARMYs have intriguing theories about BTS’s 2020 FESTA.

Clues? Hidden meanings? Literary references? Bring it on. ARMYs are experts at connecting BTS‘s dots, and they’re showing off their sleuthing skills once again!

On May 27, BTS released the first teasers for 2020 FESTA, an annual event that celebrates their debut anniversary. This video gives fans several clues to piece together.

First, let’s talk about the caption. “The New Journey” suggests that BTS is start a new adventure in their seventh year, but it could also be referencing their upcoming Japanese album, MAP OF THE SOUL: 7 ~ THE JOURNEY. 

The teaser video begins with a return to the Magic Shop featured in BTS’s 5th Muster. For those who are new to FESTAs and Musters, Musters are annual concerts and fan meetings rolled into one that take place in the second half of June, after FESTA ends.

Through the Magic Shop’s window, we see seven squares, one for each member. This eagle-eyed ARMY pointed out that the squares appear to show desert and sea, which could be referencing BTS’s past works.

Other fans are seeing a desert and daytime sky filled with stars. Pair that with the roses and a tiny aircraft, and what do you get?

The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry!

In this classic children’s story, a Little Prince lives on his own tiny planet with a rose, whom he loves. In the Sahara Desert, the Little Prince meets an aviator and tells him of the six other planets he has visited. Like the Little Prince, BTS are going on a journey with ARMY, into a new world.

In addition to the video teaser, BTS posted two images on Instagram with the caption, “Here is my secret.”

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⠀ Here is my secret. ⠀ #2020BTSFESTA

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⠀ Here is my secret. ⠀ #2020BTSFESTA

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Fans believe the caption is taken from this quote from The Little Prince. 

In addition to the caption, ARMYs have found other similarities between BTS and The Little Prince, including B 612 (the Little Prince’s home planet) and June 13 (BTS’s debut date).

If BTS are indeed taking inspiration from this beloved novella, it wouldn’t be the first time! Both the lyrics and music video for Jimin‘s solo song “Serendipity” were heavily influenced by The Little Prince. 

What theories have you brainstormed so far?