BTS’s “2022 FESTA” Practice Records Are Emotional “PROOF” Of Just How Successful BTS Have Become

The newly released dance practice videos are proof of BTS’s success.

BTS‘s FESTA is always a meaningful time for ARMY as fans get to celebrate BTS’s anniversary as a group with exciting new content.

For 2022 FESTA fans get to look forward to everything from family portraits, a “practice record,” a collection of selfies, “The REAL Bangtan Team Dinner,” and a song dedicated “for ARMY.”

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On the first day of FESTA, BTS uploaded their latest family portraits, which only highlighted how much the members have grown over the years.

Here’s A Timeline Of BTS’s FESTA Family Portrait Photos From The Past 9 Years

The second day of FESTA gave ARMY the surprise of five new dance practice videos spanning from BTS’s debut to their Wings album in 2016.

Fans quickly noticed how, although it has been nine years since BTS filmed the first dance practice video for “We Are Bulletproof PT.2” and “No More Dream,” the members’ dance skills and synchronicity have always been astounding.

And the dance practice for “Am I Wrong” in particular only proves that BTS has never shied away from portraying difficult and important topics in their music.

And, of course, nothing has changed with BTS’s constant desire to pursue their passion, always giving their all to their music and performances.

But one drastic change that ARMY noticed while watching the new dance videos was with BTS’s dance practice rooms.

 Watching the different videos, spanning from 2013 to 2016, shows just how much BTS helped Bighit Music grow as a company that could slowly increase the size and quality of the dance practice room for their artists.

 And while the newly uploaded dance practice videos only show the evolution across three years, more recently filmed dance practice videos show that their dance studios have only gotten nicer in the years since.

This, understandably, makes fans feel emotional as watching the evolution of BTS’s dance practice rooms is an unequivocal way to see BTS’s growth as artists and how their passion has secured their immeasurable success.

You can read more about the upcoming 2022 FESTA content here.

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