BTS Films Vlogs Even During Vacation For ARMYs

BTS will be revealing footage from their vacation for ARMYs!

BTS announced on Twitter the timeline for their vlog releases on YouTube.

Starting in October, vlogs of their vacation will be uploaded to the BANGTANTV YouTube channel.

Here’s a quick look at what to expect for the first week of October.

Suga– October 2 | Catching the years #earlyfishing #oceanfishing #Incheon #mukbang #time #Sugasview

J-Hope– October 3 | Very Important Business #GoingtoAmericatomakechickenkalguksoo

RM-October 4 | 9 Day Trip to Europe #artmuseumtour #playingwithfriends

Jin– October 7 | How far have you gone for fishing? #bangtanfisher #fishingkingjinocean

V– October 9 | Relaxing V’s Fun Vacation #Tanee #Ocean #PCbang

Jimin– October 10 | Stopping in Paris then heading to Hawaii #JIMIN #PoppingintheEastPoppingintheWest

Jungkook– October 11 | Muscular Rabbit’s Excercise Diaries #Growingmusclestoday

ARMYs are a bit split on their reactions to BTS’s vlogs. While some were happy that the group had thought of them even on vacation, others were worried that the members were still filming and working during their hard earned vacation.

As for BTS’s next comeback, fans have been speculating that the next album will drop in either October or November.

Source: pann