BTS Could Be The First Idol Group To Be Featured In The Grevin Wax Museum

Fans are already anticipating how much attention these figures will attract!

It has been revealed that BTS could become the first idol group to be featured in the Grevin Wax Museum!


A curator of the Grevin Wax Museum in Seoul has indicated that there were talks of creating BTS wax models.

“There have been talks about BTS models. Because there are 7 members, it is currently being discussed.” ㅡ Curator


Creating a single wax figure apparently requires a large amount of money as well as a long period of time, which is why the production of a 7-member idol group is still being discussed.

“Because the production period and cost is great, we make sure hold thorough discussions before beginning a project. Although it’s difficult to generalize, it usually costs about $62,000-$88,000 USD per figure and takes around 1 year to complete.” ㅡ Curator


If the BTS models end up being produced, however, they will become the first idol group to be featured in the prestigious museum! Other idols such as Korean celebrities such as G-Dragon, Rain, PSY and Yoo Jae Suk are currently being displayed at the Seoul museum, but no idol group has ever preceded.

Source: Twitter


The Grevin Wax Museum is famous for its display of impressive wax figures with some figures looking so lifelike that photos could easily fool anyone for the real celebrity!

Lee Minho reveals his long lost identical twin…?!


So if the plan goes through, fans may be able to meet the next best thing after the real BTS members! Meanwhile, many fans have been hoping that the wax figures will be able to do the members’ beauty justice.

Source: Joongang Ilbo