BTS’s Flustered Reactions To ARMY’s Witty Praises Are Hilariously Cute

ARMY’s praises made BTS laugh from how creative and cute they were.

On the special KBS talk show Let’s BTS, BTS participated in a segment where they had to read compliments that ARMY sent in, and their reactions were adorable.


The first compliment was directed at all of BTS, and was a play on words.

Korea doesn’t have three seas, it has four. The East Sea, West Sea, South Sea, and I Love BTS Sea.

— Anonymous

But the real fun didn’t come until the members had to individually read the praises sent in by fans. First up was RM, and the members were all surprised by the playful wittiness of ARMY’s praises.

After realizing what the praises were going to be like, the members were excited for Jin‘s turn because as J-Hope explained, “he usually says stuff like this.” And they were certainly not disappointed.

Suga read his very well, making the members laugh with his expressions and attention to detail.

J-Hope’s praises were straightforward and to the point, and 100% accurate.

Jimin got complimented on his incredible vocal talent, as well as his lovely and cute visuals.

Seriously, whoever submitted these deserve a round of applause. Jin liked the wordplay from V‘s so much, he said he was going to use it in the future.

J-Hope was shook by the creativity and cuteness of Jungkook’s praises, and honestly we are too.

Watch the video below to see all the compliments!