BTS Tried To Play A Simple Game Of Foot Volleyball During “In The SOOP,” But It Quickly Became Chaotic

You can’t spell BTS without “chaos!”

When it comes to BTS, there is no denying that the members are good at everything. From being great idols, amazingly charismatic, and athletic, all of the members have their own qualities, and they have been showcasing this to ARMYs during the episodes of In The SOOP.

BTS in “BTS In the SOOP 2” poster. | HYBE

In the latest episode, the group continued with their relaxation. Some of the members decided to have a game of foot volleyball. As expected, ARMYs couldn’t get over just how good the members were, particularly compared to episode 100 of Run BTS! which many described as being “a complete mess.”

| Weverse 

However, although they definitely seemed to improve, fans couldn’t help but point out that the game quickly became chaotic, as expected. After a good volley streak, the chaos quickly began as Suga narrowly avoided getting hit, and Jungkook‘s attempt to return the ball nearly ended with an injury.

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Yet, that wasn’t the only trouble maknae Jungkook went through. As they continued the game, Jungkook tried to showcase his skills but almost ended falling over.

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Suga then tried to showcase some of his own skills by explaining that he was going to get the ball over the net using his chest. Unfortunately, the angle of the ball meant that he ended up using his foot and got a scolding from Jin!

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Of course, Jin couldn’t get away from the chaos of the game, and with a little help from Jungkook’s adorable dog Bam, the two had an interaction that fans couldn’t get enough of!

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It doesn’t seem like a proper episode of “In The SOOP” without some mayhem, and it shows that despite their success, they are still down-to-earth guys who love to have fun!