Why A Former BigHit Entertainment Trainee Does Not Actually Regret Missing His Chance To Debut With BTS

He accepted how things turned out.

BTS is one of the most successful musicians of all time. Throughout the years, they’ve won several prestigious awards, sang in the largest concert venues, broke numerous records, and more.

It’s easy to think that the trainees who practiced with them but did not debut would feel regretful while observing these events. After all, they were so close yet so far from being part of BTS’s collective success.


As a new Vice interview with two former trainees from BIGHIT MUSIC (previously BigHit Entertainment) shows, however, this is not always true. Kim Jihoon and Hwang Jihwan turned down misconceptions that they wished they could change the outcome of their situations.

Hwang Jihoon (Left) and Kim Jihwan (Right)

While eating at the same restaurant that they frequented with the BTS members as trainees, they touched on what happened after they stopped training. Jihwan acknowledged that he wasn’t the right fit for the group based on his level of commitment compared to the current members.

Jihoon: How was it when you left?

Jihwan: Firstly, I wasn’t as passionate as them.

Moreover, contrary to popular belief, he did not feel regret at losing his chance to debut in BTS. He clarified, “But I’m not envious of them nor do I wish I was on the team.”

Jihwan believed that the combination of BTS members—RM, J-Hope, Suga, Jin, V, Jimin, and Jungkook—was vital to the success of the group. He stated that their popularity was thanks to the members themselves and he would have broken this balance had he been part of them.

If I had made the group, I don’t think they would have been as famous as they are now.

— Jihwan

As such, he did not think it was regretful to be on the brink of success since it was not meant to be. Jihoon immediately commented, “I totally agree.”

Earlier in the video, Jihoon added that he had been cut from the debut lineup by the company’s management team but still maintained his friendship with BTS early in their career. He is now a YouTuber and an intern at a government office.

Jihoon with RM

Check out the full video below for more details about the former trainees and their thoughts on BTS.

Source: YouTube