BTS Radiate Rich CEO Energy In Their New Formula E CF

They look like they drove out of a Korean drama.

Formula E‘s new CF with BTS might make you ask, “What K-Drama is this?”


In December 2019, BTS were chosen as global ambassadors for the 2020 ABB FIA Formula E Championship. This race, which only uses electric cars, will be held in May in Korea. As promised, official BTS advertising content for Formula E is being released this month, and it’s everything fans have hoped for.


Unfortunately for Formula E though, their race cars are being outshined by seven handsome men in black suits!


Each member radiates rich CEO energy…


…that may distract ARMY from what the CF is actually advertising.


Cars? There are cars in this video?




Here? Nope.


There? Definitely not.


Keep hitting that replay button until you spot them!