BTS Reveals The “Secret Venue” For Their New “Dynamite” Choreography MV

The secret is out.

The secret is finally out!

Earlier this month, Big Hit Entertainment announced BTS’s new promotion schedule for September. It includes the release of a “Dynamite” choreography music video that has a “secret venue”.

At first, some fans thought the secret venue was Everland theme park in Seoul because BTS was spotted filming there not long before the announcement was made. It turns out that Everland was a secret venue, but not for the choreography video. BTS performed “Dynamite” on location for their virtual America’s Got Talent appearance.

| @AGT/Twitter

“You have all been wondering where in the world the ‘Secret Venue’ for our music video premiere would be,” Jin said. Jungkook and J-Hope revealed that the new MV will be premiering on Fortnite: Party Royale. 

“Party Royale” is a game mode in Fortnite that is all about partying and having fun (killing is disabled). BTS’s video will premiere on a stage within “Party Royle” that holds concerts, shows movies, and shares music videos.

To see the new “Dynamite” MV premiere, you’ll need to jump into Fortnite: Party Royale on September 25 at 8 PM (EST) and head to the Main Stage. While waiting, V says you can grab two Fortnite Emotes featuring “Dynamite” to dance along.

The celebrations will end with a listening party for the Tropical Remix version of “Dynamite”.


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