BTS Reveals What They Like To Do In Their Free Time, And Their Answers Couldn’t Be More Different

Some are very #Relatable!

Over the past few years, it seems as if BTS has constantly been creating music, performing, and giving back to their fans. With all this going on, it would seem like BTS would hardly ever have free time to relax.

During a recent interview on the Zach Sang Show, host Zach Sang asked the members if there was anything they did for fun and when they’re not creating masterpieces.

J-Hope was the first member to answer, and he explained that, during his free time, he likes to try a lot of new things. When Jimin asked what he was specifically talking about, J-Hope added, “Like… buying new clothes? Shopping.” It is no surprise considering that fans have praised J-Hope for his style.

For Jin, his idea of fun is something that many K-Pop fans can probably relate to, and it was simple. He explained, “I laid down for 20 hours yesterday,” and nobody can deny that sleeping is one of the best ways to spend your free time!

Yet, even though they had things they enjoyed doing, RM enforced the idea that they don’t have much of a variation with their busy schedule. For him, they normally enjoy eating, sleeping, shopping, playing games reading books.

Suga then added that he’s been watching the NBA Finals recently and has almost watched every playoff game. It seems like binge-watching things are something everyone loves to do.

However, V‘s answer was slightly different and definitely stood out from the rest of the members. V explained that he picked up a skill during his free time, and it just proves that he can do everything!

I started playing the trumpet. And I quit playing the violin.

— V

Each member had a completely different answer, and some are a lot more relatable than others. Hopefully, the members get some time to relax during their busy schedules, and, who knows, maybe their next track might have a trumpet solo by V! You can watch the whole interview below.

Source: Zach Sang Show