Funko Pop Unveiled New “BTS Pop” Figures, Here’s How To Get Them

These BTS Pops are the collectibles every BTS fan needs.

BTS fans now have one more merch item to add to their growing list: BTS Pops!

On February 15, at the 2019 New York Toy Fair 2019, Funko Pop began unveiling their latest wave of 2019 series of Pop figures approximately every 15-40 minutes. The reveals started at 5:00 AM, with KISS Pops.

BTS Pops were announced at 6:45 AM, following Funko’s Backstreet Boys Pops at 6:30 AM.


These adorable figures are styled after BTS’s Love Yourself: Answer concept photos, F Version.


Each individual figure costs $10.99 USD and is currently available for preorder on Pop in a Box.


A 7-Pack will also be available as a Barnes & Noble exclusive.


For more BTS collectibles, check out the Mattel x BTS collaboration that’s happening later this year.

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Source: Comic Book and Funko